Dear Classmates from the Class of 1966,


Once more we share tidings with our fellow class of 1966 alumni. The goal of this letter is to encourage all of you to submit materials for the Virtual Red Book which will be published and available for reading online. By now we all appreciate the importance of friends, associates, and a network of loose and tight communications that allow us to share our knowledge and cooperate where our input can be useful. This sharing allows us to function as individuals with the enhanced power of the group.


One of our deepest regrets from law school years is that we often did not know more of our classmates. “The fault was largely mine,” judges 55th Reunion Co-Chair Judy Thornber, “for not engaging more actively. Perhaps life has taught all of us how to be better colleagues.”


With this Virtual Red Book, we share not only name, rank, and serial number, but also reflections, hopes, dreams, sorrows, and accomplishments. We are interested in what we all have been doing. It is our generation: our age group. Now is the time to reflect and share with each other what we have done.


Our book describes our generation. We still aspire to get to know each other better. Again, we do not want just gravestone information with your address and email. Of course, we want those, but here are some more ideas on what you can submit. You can pick one or more of these, or submit whatever you choose. The point is to write as much as you want and share it to improve our community relations and communications. We also want to share what each of us proposes to do for our next fifty years of life on earth. Here are some ideas:

1. What was the most important lesson I learned at Harvard for my life and career?
2. Who was my favorite professor at Harvard? Why? How was the professor inspiring or helpful?
3. What do I consider my most important accomplishments on a personal level since graduating?
4. What do I consider my most important accomplishments on a professional level, whether in law or any other field?
5. What do I remember that was humorous and joyful at Harvard?
6. Why was our Class of 1966 the Greatest Class that ever attended Harvard Law School? (Co-Chair Joseph Meissner swears, “I have ten items I can relate to back up this claim.”)

7. What do I hope to accomplish in the next fifty years of my life?


Other possible topics are most welcome. The Virtual Red Book should be informative and educational, as well as delightful and inviting to read.


We look forward to your submittals.


Yours in friendship and community,

Judy Thornber

Co-Chair of 55th Reunion

Harvard Law School, Class of 1966

Joseph Meissner

Co-Chair of 55th Reunion

Harvard Law School, Class of 1966



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